Karnak general view of the colonnades

Karnak general view of the colonnades - colour enhanced postcard

Colour postcard entitled 'Karnak Vue generale des Colonnades' and showing the Akh Menou of Thutmose III and looking roughly north.On reverse divided and printed 'Ephtimios Freres, Port Said' Krk 7. 54133. Union Postale Universelle Egypte Carte Postale. No stamp but addressed to Miss Millett, Shawford House, Bechington, Nr. Bath and written 'Just a P.P.C. for you it look like a funny place. From Les. 20:1:15.' Other cards from this sender were sent from Bangalore, India suggesting that they were probaby bought at Port Said as the senders vessel passed through the Suez Canal.

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