Group of soldiers

Group of 15 soldiers posing for photograph in front of building

Image of 15 soldiers standing on steps of a building marked 9 on its over-door window. The building looks as though it is in the UK. Two soldiers in the front row wear light coloured - presumably blue - invalid uniforms. This is likely to be a recuperation/de-mob station in the UK. Pte. Evan Jones is at the centre of the back row. Cap badges suggest mixed regiments as might be expected in a recuperation station. Back is divided as a postcard.

Cultural Narrative: 

Private Evan Jones (1895-1960)Army numbers: 302481 (as given on Pension ID on March 21st 1921), gives regiment as RAF.He also served in D. Company 2/19 West London Regiment on active service in France, Salonika and Palestine. This was in the period 1916-1918 when he served under Major F.W. Fames.He was wounded on March 30th 1918 and sent to the No.45 Stationary hospital at El-Arish. A letter stating that his head wound was ‘slight’ was sent on April 13th, 1918. His number at this time is recorded as 612538.He was admitted to Alexandria hospital on 18-11-1918 still under number 612358. He is recorded as RAF. He was discharged on 20-01-1919. This may have been for recuperation following the injury in March.De-mobilised on 15th August 1919 after 42 months and 7 days.Not known when he enlisted but joined early in the war, probably in 1915 when he was about 19.He evidently served in the Royal Army Medical Corps2nd London Regiment 19th Battalion.Royal Air Force.He trained near Eastbourne though the donor could not recall the name of the place, though it was/had been a holiday camp and is near a famous lighthouse.

Evan Jones