Group of eleven soldiers

Group of eleven soldiers resting on sand

Group of eleven soldiers resting on sand. Appear to be off duty.

Cultural Narrative: 

A young officer of the Royal Scots Territorials left England for Gallipoli in the autumn of 1915. Three years later, Philip Russell Meredith (PRM) saw out the conflict on the route of the Fourth Army in the last 100 days, seconded from the Royal Scots to the 50th Battalion Machine Gun Corps. After the evacuation from Gallipoli, he spent the next 15 months in Egypt; the early months spent weighing up whether to remain with his battalion or join the new Machine Gun Corps. By autumn 1916 he was seconded to 156 Brigade MGC, and in the summer of 1917 he returned to England, where he carried out training at MGC headquarters at Belton Park, Grantham and Clipstone, until he went to France with 50 Bn MGC in late June 1918