British soldiers and officers of the 1st Glamorgan (265) [Welsh Howitzer Brigade]

Members of 1st Glamorgan (265) [Welsh Howitzer Brigade], Egypt

The image shows members of the 1st Glamorgan (265) [Welsh Howizter Brigade] posing for a unit photograph with tents from their camp in the background. The image can be found on the National Museum of Wales' website ( with the description "Members of the 1st Glamorgan (265) [Welsh Howitzer Brigade] in the Sahara."The image is also stored on the museum website with the following metadata:Item Number: DF006274People/Organisations: 1st Glamorgan Battery (265) [Welsh Howitzer Brigade]Date: 1916Place: Sahara; Egypt

Cultural Narrative: 

Gunner Billy Bryth served in the 1st Glamorgan (265) [Welsh Howitzer Brigade]. He is known to have served in Egypt during 1916. The 1st Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers was formed originally as a volunteer territorial force on the 10th Decemer 1859 in Swansea. During the First World War they were renamed the 1st Welsh (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery and served in the UK, France, Egypt and Palestine. In 1919 they were renumbered to the 265th Brigade Royal Field Artillery (TF).

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