How to contribute to the project

If you would like to add information about any of the images in the online archive you will need to register an account with the project. To do this please select the login option at the top of the webpage.

Here is a full guide to creating an account and contributing comments to the online archive.

1. Click on the log in button on the top right of any page.
2. Click on Create new account.
3. Create a username and add your email address.
4. Under Communities select 1 Web Community.
5. Click Create new account at the bottom.

You will see an onscreen acknowledgement of your application stating that it is pending approval. You will also receive a confirmation email (please check your spam/junk folder as the message may go there instead of your inbox).

When your account is approved you will receive a further email with details of how to log in to the site for the first time.

When you access the site from the confirmation email you will need to provide a password and then select Save at the bottom left of the page. Once you have saved your password, to access the main site click Home at the top left of the same page.

When you log in to the site after this you will be able to add information/comments to any selected image using the comments box at the bottom of the page you are viewing. Any information or comments will be subject to moderation.